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The Challenge: 

How can we help the brand get new millennials, community families and more investors engage with the transformed Blue Foundry Bank by raising its brand awareness and reputation?

My Observation:

What makes a bank stand out? Trust and understanding! Research showed that 92% millennials don't trust banks and 68% of millennials feel their banks do not understand and thus fail to acknowledge their needs.

The Solution:

Let's inspire trust in BFB by highlighting their understanding, transparency and real connection with the community, and showcasing the success of locals with BFB’s supports.

Art Director: Yimin Wu        Copywriter:  Shane Tepper

Manifesto Video "Trust":

Prints "Trust":


Use metaphor to inspire trust - built from “understanding”, “transparency” and “real connection”

Community Experience:

Show the success stories of previous customers in local mediums: newspaper, local tv stations, local radio stations, podcasts, community boards.

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