The Challenge:

How to get more people engage with the brand and purchase Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bars?

My Observation:

First sold in 1900, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate was considered as “the Great American Chocolate Bar.” Behind this classic product, many Americans own their unique memories. It’s not just a candy bar, but a synonym of sharing and love. 

The Solution:
Get young generation engage with the brand by connecting their emotions to Hershey’s product through sharing, in a warm and vintage tonality.

Art Director: Yimin Wu        Copywriter:  Yimin Wu

Prints "SHARING":

Three Print ads recast three sceneries of sharing Hershey’s in a couple’s life, from childhood, youth to senior, telling their ownable love stories, and their understandings about “sharing” and “love”. Historical Hershey’s Bar Wrappings and logos were used to tell their stories as well.


Interactive Selfie Screen

& Digital Photo Wall:

Encourage people to share their memories and love connected with Hershey’s by using #withHersheys. Images can be shared from their mobile devices, or directly from the interactive selfie Screen. Photos taken in the interactive selfie screen will be sent to your email address as well. All images shared will be shown on the digital Wall. 

interactive selfie screen.jpg
Digital photo Wall.jpg