Yimin Wu

Art director + Technophile

"I see technology a way

to inspire arts and creativities."


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"Be the Canvas"

Bronze Cube of Young One ADC 2019; 

Merit of Young One Brief 2019

OOH, AR Experiential & Partnership

IL Makiage is a professional beauty brand originated in New York, whose slogan is “Makeup for maximalists”. Expanding upon their previous campaign, 100% High Maintenance, how can we help the brand create disruption once again?

"Library from Anywhere"

Prints, VR Library & AI Interactive

People know that NYPL(New York Public library) is a physical library with lots of branches, but might not know that they also can be easily accessible even you don’t step inside. How can we get them realize that? 

"Just Distilled"

360 Campaign

Seedlip is the World's First Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit. As a brand new product and first of its kind, the brand is still trying to find a good way to tell its story in the US market. How can we help them? 


Reality Show, Beacon Experiential &

IG Campaign 

When tourists plan a trip to New York, they can’t seem to think outside the cliche Times Square Empire state building, Statue of Liberty triangle. How do we make people aware that there are actually so many places and activities that go undiscovered, and get them immerse themselves into New York beyond the concrete jungle?

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"Builders for Tomorrow"

OOH, Website Design & IG Campaign

Lego has inspired creativity and inventiveness in ALL kids from ALL socioeconomic backgrounds. But is there an opportunity to bridge go beyond inspiration and provide them with real building blocks to rebuild their futures?

"Ready for Any Adventure"

Prints & Interactive 

To get young parents to consider a FIAT 500X by showcasing that Fiat 500x is a functional and stylish car, full of possibilities. Three print ads illustrate three fancy adventures that exist in kids’ imagination, in a funny and creative tonality. 

More Projects

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Email: ymwnyc@gmail.com 

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