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The Challenge:

How do we motivate more people, especially Millennials and Gen Z, to leverage the resources of the New York Public Library? 


My Observation:
People usually see NYPL as a physical space, but might not realize how easily accessible NYPL's world-class digital collections and online resources can be.

The Solution:
Increase awareness of NYPL's accessibility from anywhere by highlighting its online resources through the latest VR and AI


Art Director: Yimin Wu       Copywriter:  Jose Garcia

OOH Prints


Prints reside on OOH billboards and social media, visualizing the scenarios that individuals are listening to audiobooks that draw them into the content, in a funny and imaginative tonality. 

Virtual Library

Virtual Library: ​

Although the libraries are currently closed due to the pandemic, advanced virtual reality technology provides an opportunity, allowing you to gain access to the NYPL, 24/7.  Start your virtual tour on the NYPL website, and check out the books, audiobooks, music, and movies, anytime, anywhere.

NYPL homepage 2.png

                                                                                                      Virtual Library Demo 

AI Chatbot

AI Chatbot Library Assistant:


To better talk to the younger generation, AI Chatbot and Virtual Voice technology serves as  librarian "Dr. Albert Einstein", who can live in NYPL Facebook Messenger, Twitter, App and Website. Now, you can consult Einstein with any questions! 

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